Kusadasi Teen Escort Having An Affair With Her Boss

Warm greetings friends, I am Kusadasi teen escort lady Simge. I would like to tell you about an experience I had right away. As a 25-year-old woman weighing 54 kilos, I have a confident body. However, my remarkable physical features have always been shared only with a worthy man, and that person became my boss. One day, I noticed that everyone at my workplace left early. I saw that only my boss’s car was outside.

Curiously, I entered my boss’s room and noticed that he was watching erotic videos inside. I felt ashamed mixed with surprise, but no matter what, I had to understand this situation. My boss said it was just me and him and explained that everyone left early because he gave me the day off.

At that moment I realized that I had no underwear on and my body was visible because I was sweating. I was a little embarrassed, but there was no turning back now. I asked why they left so early and what was going on.

I Decided to Give It in Exchange for Money

My boss immediately took out some money from his pocket and asked me, the Kusadasi teen escort, if I wanted to buy it. I needed the money so I accepted. But then I realized that he was expecting me to do some things in return for this money. I jumped at this offer from my handsome boss because I needed a serious amount of money.

Afterwards, I quickly undressed and my boss’s reaction was quite impressive. He said I had great beauty and immediately dove into my nipples. I started to enjoy these moments. He took off his pants and showed me his big dick. She just wanted me to lick her and I complied with her request. I was enjoying these moments and literally losing myself.

Getting Fucked Anal Was Great

Then the experience that enabled me to become an escort Kusadasi teen woman began. She said she wanted to have sex from behind, that is, anally. I was hesitant at first but later accepted. She immediately asked me to bend over and entered me hard. At these moments, I was literally shaking and feeling incredible pleasure. That night, I actually felt tremendous satisfaction, both materially and physically.

Now, when you look at it, I have become both a richer and a much happier woman. I enjoy it and I can actually say that being a rich man’s woman makes me feel very, very happy, what should I do?

Night Shift Got Me Into Trouble

One night, while I was working the night shift at the factory, my supervisor, Kusadasi teen escort, came to me and offered to go to the canteen. However, unexpectedly, instead of going to the canteen, we headed to the locker rooms. Suddenly he came close to me and touched my lips.

I was surprised at first, but it was really exciting and naturally I responded right away. We davutlar escort realized that we wanted to lock the room and get closer to each other. We decided to be together and this experience, as I said, became an unforgettable memory for me. First, I started giving her tremendous oral sex and feeling her pleasure juices made me even more excited. Then, he quickly stood me up and continued his work.



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